About me

first of all, thank you for visiting my page

  Beside the Arts School background I took Eiken gade 1 last year. It was an interesting experience. 

  I graduated arts school in Romania in 1998. Oh, I forgot to tell you...I am not Japanese, I am Romanian. I have been living in Japan for 19 years already.

   So you might think...if she graduated Arts School, what this has to do with English ????

  Well, in Romania the first 2 years of Arts we learn everything, from Math, Physics, to Human Psychology. That is because, after graduation, you can be an architect, art critique , educator, designer or just a free spirit artist.

  After I came to Japan , my experiences of learning the Japanese language, which is totally different of any alphabet using languages, make me realize that some tiny tricks can help others in learning English easily too. 

  Moreover, I realized that using colors, shapes and imagination, which are the definition of art, can help put the basses in mathematics. If a child is taught how to see thru shapes, how to imagine what is in or beyond that shape it will be much easier to resolve geometrical problems later on in math class. 

    My goal is to make children adapt a new language thru the naturally possessed human senses: vision, hearing, touching, rhythming and imagining.