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One or A

One or An

While learning the alphabet  we are practicing words pronunciation too.


On the magnetic board the children are arranging the letters in the right order.

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children's favorite yoga mat.

They would mimic the action the verb the card shows. At the goal , they roll the dice and throw the correspondent amount of balls in the basket. By the way; they must say the direction of the basket the balls are getting in; up, down, left, right.

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The directions board


While standing inside the square they would mimic action verbs movements by turns then hop hop...


After all the hopping and counting the children would roll the dice that shows directions and then throw balls in the correspondent direction egg-shell case until one ball gets in. On the balls letters are printed so they must say them loudly.

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While reading a book with many animals, every animal the children have heard should  be put on the magnetic panel on the white board.


Practicing nouns and directions in the same time.

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After some jumping and hopping the children would randomly pick some colored cards and while saying loudly what is on the cards they would put them in the correspondent color pocket.


...and more hopping, then flip over one cup an say out loud the color painted inside. Then, pick the correspondent color card and make the sentence loudly.


Practice some words we often hear at the reading time.


After practicing a lot some animals ' names ,the children are making singular sentences using the magnetic cards.


<hello, my name is.....> and the kids are writing their own name with clay.