Visual  learning

   One of the first ways of memorizing things to a toddler is though the eyesight . Toddlers are attracted to bright colors so they would recognize them quite fast. Repeated colors and repeated shapes makes the toddlers memorizing them and recognizing them much earlier than even recognizing the sound of a color or a shape. 

   Visual learning at an early age is developing the skill of  dimension : the toddlers will notice the small and the big, the far and the close, the long and the short. All these differences in shapes and patterns are going to give them the notion of space.

ビジュアルラーニング 視界に入るものから学び取ることは、幼児にとって最初の勉強方法です。彼らは明るくはっきりした色をすぐ認識します。そういった色を繰り返し見せることで、名前を知る前に色と形を見分けられるようになります。